FY 2023-24 Enacted Budget

2023-24 Enacted Budget General Fund Appropriations

Responding to Governor Shapiro’s Budget Address

• Governor Shapiro is proposing a $45.8 billion budget for FY 2023-24, an increase of $2.5 billion, or 5.9%, over the prior year.

• The Governor does nothing in this budget to address our structural deficit.

•  Over the next three years, this Budget eviscerates the anticipated FY 2022-2 ending balance of $7.9 billion. Additionally, the Governor then proposes to raid the $5 billion in the Rainy Day Fund to balance his proposed budget in years four and five.

•  This budget does nothing to prepare the Commonwealth for the turbulent economic climate many economists are predicting.

•  Given the demographic challenges we face in balancing the Commonwealth budget with significant growth in the elderly population and contraction in t working-age population, this is not the time to expand government and introduce new spending initiatives.

•  The Governor still needs to show us his new proposal for Education Fund in following the Commonwealth Court decision – he should have used this budget to call for a reconvening of the Basic Education Funding Formula Commission.

•  The House Republicans have led the charge in building the balance in the Rainy Day Fund in order to help address any future economic downturns. Now is not the time to significantly increase current spending and create ne recurring expenditures which completely exhaust the almost $13 billion in reserve funds the Commonwealth is estimated to have come June 30, 2023.

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Budget Proposal Documents

Governor's proposal: General Fund Appropriations

Governor's proposal: General Fund Financial Statement

Governor's proposal: Proposed Tax and Revenue Modifications

House Democrat's proposal: HB 611 as amended by A00793 General Fund Appropriations 

Senate Republican’s proposal: HB 611 as amended by A01724 General Fund Appropriations